How to Bet on Sports for Beginners: 12 Tips to Know

Are you a beginner in online sports betting? If so, there are some easy tips and guidelines that could come of use to you. Sports betting has become hugely popular in the past few years and even legalized in many states. It is not surprising therefore why more and more people are trying to make money through sports betting.

Tips for beginners in sports betting:

  1. Favorites and Underdogs: One of the first things that you need to be familiar with is who the favorites and underdogs are; odd makers will decide on these when they produce a betting line. Favorites are teams that are likely to win and are assigned a minus sign while underdogs are expected to lose and get assigned a plus sign.
  2. Spreads: To bet you have to choose either of two ways; one is point spread where you bet on the difference of points in the final result. While a favorite will give points, an underdog will receive points. Spreads are most commonly used for betting in basketball and football matches.
  3. Moneylines: This is the second way for betting on favorites or underdogs where you decide which team will win. Since favorites are the ones likely to win, you take on more risks when you bet on them; likewise, as underdogs are likely to lose, you get to earn more if you bet on them.
  4. Over/Under (Totals): Odd makers also release total points that will be scored in a match by two teams combined. You can then bet whether the score will go under or over this total.
  5. -110 number: The odd makers will impose a tax on each bet and this is referred to as the “juice”. This is basically a commission to be paid to the sportsbook so that they accept you bet.
  6. Placing a bet: Many states like Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc have legalized mobile betting. Arizona sports betting is live now! You can sign up with the top Arizona sports betting sites 2021 and place bets on your favorite sports. You can enjoy wagering as there are no limitations and sufficient resources available in Arizona to ensure that you do not wager too much money. Being patient in choosing the right bookmaker in Arizona will take you a long way in sports betting.
  7. Where to place bets: You need to choose a reliable and reputed site to start placing wagers. You can refer to the uudetvedonlyontisivut guide to find the best betting sites that reward their players with various benefits, offers, and promotions. Here, you must register for an account, deposit money using the accepted payment methods, and get started.
  8. Decide on the amount: When placing bets, you should only wager an amount that you can afford to lose. Sports betting is unpredictable and you cannot be sure of making wins each time. So, a flat-betting method is recommended for beginners. Ideally you bet the same amount for each game and risk only between 1% and 5% of the bankroll for each play.
  9. Rotation Numbers: These are the numbers listed on the board to the left side of a team, also called the NSS number. This will be unique to a team or league.
  10.  Real-time movement of lines: Sports betting market remains dynamic and bookies keep adjusting odds relative to factors like sports injuries, weather, etc.
  11. Shopping for best lines: Lines will differ according to the sportsbooks as these cater to diverse clients. So, if you can access multiple sportsbooks, you have an advantage.
  12. Know your weaknesses: Finally, to bet successfully, you need to track your betting progress to identify where your weaknesses and strengths lie. Often sites have mobile apps with features that allow you to track your bets.